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2nd International Conference on Alkali-Aggregate Reaction

Conference Theme: Preventive Measures
August 1975
Reykjavik, Iceland
Editor: Óttar P. Halldórsson

Author(s) Title
H. Asgeirsson Preface and TOC
G.M. Idorn Alkali-Silica Reactions
B. Mather New Concern over Alkali-Aggregate Reaction
H.E. Vivian Alkali-Aggregate Reaction
R.A. Kennerley
D.A. St. John
L.M. Smith
Alkali-Aggregate Reactivity in New Zealand
H.C. Alsted Nielsen Alkali Reduction in Cement-Kilns
G. Gudmundsson Investigations on Icelandic Pozzolans
K. Saemundsson Geological Prospecting for Pozzolanic Materials in Iceland
L.M.M. Dolar-Mantuani Petrographic Aspects on Siliceous Alkali Reactive Aggregates
A.B. Pool Alkali-Silica Reactivity in Concrete from Dhekelia, Cyprus
M.A. Ozol The Pessimum Proportion as a Reference Point in Modulating Alkali-Silica Reaction
H. Krogh Examination of Synthetic Alkali-Silicia Gels
S. Diamond Pore Solutions and Alkali-Aggregate Attack
H.G. Smolczyk Investigation on the Diffusion of Na-Ion in Concrete
N. Thaulow
T. Knudsen
Quantitative Microanalyses of the Reaction Zone Between Cement Paste and Opal
D. Hirche IR-Spectroscopy, a Modern Method to Test the Alali Reactivity of Silicia Aggregates
J.E. Gillott Practical Implications of the Mechanisms of Alkali-Aggregate Reactions
S. Sprung Influences on the Alkali-Aggregate Reaction in Concrete
J.W. Figg Preliminary Appraisal of Problem Areas and Reactive Aggregates with Appropriate Preventive Measure
S. Kocacitak A Note of Information Regarding to Alkali-Aggregate Reactions in Turkey
S. Diamond Symposium on Alkali Aggregate Reaction-Preventive Measures Summary
H. Asgeirsson An Epilogue