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15th ICAAR

…Shoichi. Kawabata, Yuichiro. Tanaka, Akihiro. Importance of Alkali-Wrapping in Concrete Prism Tests Deboodt, Tyler. Wilson, Andrew. Ideker, Jason H. Adams, Matthew P. Re-Evaluation of Testing Parameters in the Accelerated Mortar…

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Contacts Proceedings Website Questions & Comments: Jason H. Ideker, Ph.D. Professor, Oregon State University…

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…the service-life of the affected concrete. Website Maintenance The website is currently maintained by Dr. Jason H. Ideker who is a recognized expert in AAR test methods, mitigation and diagnosis…

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14th ICAAR

…Plane Polished Section Analysis as Part of Microstructural Analyses to Describe Internal Cracking Due to Alkali-Silica Reactions S. Warner J.H. Ideker K. Schumacher Alkali-Silica Reactivity and the Role of Alumina…

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THE CURRENT STATE OF THE ACCELERATED CONCRETE PRISM TEST Jason H. Ideker1*, Bradley L. East, Kevin J. Folliard1, Michael D.A. Thomas2 and Benoit Fournier3 1 The University of Texas at…

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16th ICAAR

…cements of higher alkali contents assessed by pore solution method K. S. T. Chopperla J. Ideker Performance of Portland-limestone cements with supplementary cementitious materials to mitigate alkali-silica reaction B. Boyd-Weetman…

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13th ICAAR

…Okinawa Island, Southwestern Japan A. Shayan R. Al-Mahaidi A. Xu Durability and Strength Assessment of AAR-Affected Bridge Deck Planks K.J. Folliard M.D.A. Thomas J.H. Ideker B. East B. Fournier Case…

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EFFECT OF ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS ON EXPANSION IN CONCRETE DUE TO ALKALI-SILICA REACTION (ASR) Benoit Fournier1*, Jason H. Ideker2, Kevin J. Folliard2, Michael D.A. Thomas3, Pierre-Claver Nkinamubanzi4 and Ray Chevrier4 1Université…

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