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13th International Conference on Alkali-Aggregate Reaction

Trondheim, Norway
Maarten A.T.M Broekmans and Børge J. Wigum

Author(s) Title
Jones, Karl M. Liberty, Paul K. Smith, Jennine R. Black, Marjorie L. Alkali-Aggregate Reaction: A Method to Quantify the Reaction Degree
D. Min L. Xu X. Lan M. Tang Microstructures and Alkali-Reactivity of Permian Emeishan Group Basaltic Rocks
X. Fenga M.D.A. Thomas T.W. Bremner K.J. Folliard B. Fournier Summary of Research on the Effect of LiNO3 on Alkali-Silica Reaction in New Concrete
P.E. Grattan-Bellew J. Margeson L.D. Mitchell M. Deng Is ACR Just Another Variant of ASR? Comparison of Acid Insoluble Resudues of Alkali-Silica and Alkali-Carbonate Reactive Limestones and Its Significance for the ASR/ACR Debate
Y. Mikata S. Maeda Y. Hatano S. Inoue Effect of Fractured Anchorage of Shear Reinforcements on Loading Capacity of PC Beams
K. Nishimura K. Muroda Y. Kobayashi H. Taniguchi T. Miyagawa Experimental Study on Shear Strength and Reinforcement of PC Members Affected by Alkali-Silica Reaction (ASR)
S. Matsumoto T. Miyagawa Y. Yamaguchi Y. Hisari T. Goto Impregnation Depth of Silane Penetrant System and Its Effect on ASR Expansion
A. Leeman J.G. Hammerschlag C. Thalmann Inconsistencies Between Different Accelerated Test Methods Used to Assess Alkali-Aggregate Reactivity
T. Andrade J.J.R. Silva C.M. da Silva N.P. Hasparyk History of Some AAR Cases in the Recife Region of Brazil
A.L.Z. de P. Silveira N.P. Hasparyk W.C. Chiossi L. dos Anjos Farias S.L.R. Lenharo Investigation of Alkali-Aggregate Reaction in Brazilian Carbonate Rocks
M. Berra F. Carassiti T. Mangialardi A.E. Paolini M. Sebastiani Use of Nano-Silica for Preventing Expansive Alkali- Silica Reaction in Concrete
D. Min Z. Xu M. Tang Suitability of Test Methods for Alkali-Silica Reactivity of Aggregates to Chinese Aggregates
M.A.C. Juliani L. Becocci R. Carrazedo Detection of Alkali-Aggregate Reaction in Guarulhos International Airport Aircraft Apron: Methodology, Test Campaign, Results and Recommendations
S.A. Marfil P.J. Maiza Petroghaphic Study of a Building Deteriorated Due to Alkali-Silica Reaction, in Buenos Aires City (Argentina)
J. Stark K. Seyfarth Assessment of Specific Pavement Concrete Mixtures by Using an ASR Performance-Test
T. Katayama H. Sommer Further Investigation of the Mechanisms of So- Called Alkali-Carbonate Reaction Based on Modern Petrographic Techniques
T. Daidai K. Torii A Proposal for Rehabilitation of ASR-Affected Bridge Piers With Fractured Steel Bars
A. Hamoudi L. Khouchaf P. Cordier Long, Medium and Short Range Order Changes in Amorphous SiO2 Exposed to Alkali Silica Reaction
A. Santos Silva A.F. Gonçlves M. Pipa Diagnosis and Prognosis of Portuguese Concrete Railway Sleepers Degradation – a Combination of ASR and DEF
K.J. Hünger R. Bachmann Y. Scholz C. Hübert M. Xiangyin An Accelerated Chemical Test Method for ASR Carried Out Directly at Aggregate Grains
I. Fernandes A. Santos Silva J.P. Gomes A. de Castro Tavares F. Noronha Characterization of AAR in Fagilde Dam
A.A. Ramezanianpour K. Zarrabi M. Mahdikhani Mitigation of Alkali Agreggate Reaction of Concrete Incorporation Rice Husk Ash (RHA)
G. Gudmundsson Condition Assessment of Shotcrete in 10 Year Old Shotcrete in Hvalfjordur Tunnel in Western Iceland
N.P. Hasparyk P.J.M. Monteiro D.C.C. Dal Molin AAR in Furnas Dam, Brazil, Residual Expansion and the Effect of Lithium
V. Corinaldesi G. Moriconi Alkali-Aggregate Reaction: From Prognosis to Intervention
S. Lukschoyá R. Přikryl Z. Pertold Identification of Alkali-Silica Reactive Fragments in Sands and Gravels, Using the Mortar Bar Method and Gel Pat Test, Modified by Petrographic Image Analysis
T. Katayama T. Oshiro Y. Sarai K. Zaha T. Yamato Late-Expansive ASR Due to Imported Sand and Local Aggregates in Okinawa Island, Southwestern Japan
A. Shayan R. Al-Mahaidi A. Xu Durability and Strength Assessment of AAR-Affected Bridge Deck Planks
K.J. Folliard M.D.A. Thomas J.H. Ideker B. East B. Fournier Case Studies of Treating ASR-Affected Structures With Lithium Nitrate
A. Sellier E. Bourdarot S. Multon M. Cyr E. Grimal Assessment of the Residual Expansion for Expertise of Structures Affected by AAR
B. Fournier C. Rogers Multi-Laboratory Study of Accelerated Mortar Bar Test and Concrete Prism Expansion Tests at 38° and 60°C
G.A. da Silva R.A. Oliveira Injections of Microcement in Pile Caps Cracked by Alkali-Aggregate Reaction
Q. Zhao J. Stark E. Freyburg M. Zhou The Mechanism of GBFs Preventing AAR: A Discussion
H. Nakagawa M. Yokota K. Matsuda M. Matsushima Prediction Method for Properties of Concrete on Ultrasonic Non-Destructive Testing
M. Gregerová D.  Všianský Geo-Visualization of Aggregate for AAR Prediction and Its Importance for Risk Management
J.D. Bakker Control of ASR Related Risks in the Netherlands
S. Krispel Portland-Slag Cements – Reduction of the Residual Risk of Aggregates Containing Reactive Components
C. Tremblay M.A. Bérubé B. Fournier M.D. Thomas K.J. Folliard Experimental Investigation of the Mechanisms by Which liNO3 Is Effective Against ASR
V. Jensen C. Merz Alkali-Aggregate Reaction in Norway and Switzerland. Survey Investigations and Structural Damage
T. Katayama ASR Gel in Concrete Subject to Freeze-Thaw Cycles – Comparison Between Laboratory and Field Concretes From Newfoundland, Canada
M. Juliani A.J.C.T Cavalcanti R. Carrazedo J.C. Gaspare Analysis of the Effects Caused by Alkali Aggregate Reaction on the Structures of Moxotó Power Plant
Y. Hiroi H. Manabe T. Ihaya T. Ookubo T. Miyagawa Experimental Study on the Long-Term Properties of Prestressed Concrete Members Affected by Alkali- Silica Reaction (ASR)
A. Leemann B. Lothenbach The Na2O-Equivalent of Cement: A Universal Parameter to Assess the Potential Alkali-Aggregate Reactivity of Concrete?
M. Nomura K. Torii The Alkali-Leaching Property of Sands and Inspection on Alkali-Leaching From Aggregate in Structures
X. Lingling Li. Weiguang L. Fang T. Mingshu Study on MMA-Based Repair Material for Repairing the Cracking Caused by AAR in Concrete
L. Zhihui L. Xianghui D. Min X. Zhongzi W. Fengyan T. Mingshu A New Mechanism of Mineral Admixture Suppressing Alkali-Silica Reaction
B. Fournier J.H. Ideker K.J. Folliard M.D.A. Thomas P.C. Nkinamubanzi R. Chevrier Effect of Environmental Conditions on Expansion in Concrete Due to Alkali-Silica Reaction (ASR)
Z. Owsiak Effects of Alkali-Silica Reaction on the Rate Delayed Ettringite Formation in Steam Cured Mortars
T. Yamamoto A. Hattori T. Miyagawa Bond Behavior Between Reinforcement and Concrete With ASR Expansive Crack Artificially Induced Using Expansive Concrete
M.C. Bignozzi A. Saccani Expansion Behavior of Ground Glass Cullet Used as Aggregate or Cement Replacement
S. Jacobsen J.  Lindgård L. Fritz Frost Dilation Measurements on Concrete Cores From a Dam With ASR
G.E. Blight An Unexpected Observation After Drying AAR-Affected Concrete
T. Ueda H. Naitou M. Nagura K. Sano T. Miyagawa Design System for Electrochemical Corrosion Control Techniques Considering Their Effects on Alkali–Silica Reaction
J. Olek J. Lovell S. Diamond P.R. Rangaraju A Microstructural Study of ASR Induced by Alkali Acetate and Formate Deicers
D. Lu B. Fournier P. Grattan-Bellew Y. Lu Z. Xu M. Tang Expansion Behaviour of Spratt and Pittsburg Limestones in Different Test Procedures
J.  Lindgård B. Pedersen S.K. Bremseth P.A.  Rønning T.F.  RønningK.O. Kjellsen Experience Using the Norwegian 38°C Concrete Performance Test Evaluating the Alkali Reactivity of Concrete Mixes and Different Binder Combinations
D. Hooton M. Thomas T. Ramlochan R. Bleszynshi Durability of Ternary Blend Concrete With Silica Fume and Blast- Furnace Slag: Laboratory and Outdoor Exposure Site Studies
O.  Çopuroğlu E. Schlangen O.  Andiç-Çakır E. Garcia-Diaz Effect of Silica Dissolution on the Mechanical Properties of Alkali Reactive Basalt
A.S.M. Santos Silva M.E. Melo Jorge M.P. Rodrigues A.F. Cristino Research on the Suppression Expansion Due to ASR. Effect of Coatings and Lithium Nitrate
A. Mirdamadi H. Layssi M.H. Eftekhar M. Shekarchi Comparative Study of Metakaolin and Silica Fume to Prevent Alkali-Silica Reaction in Concrete
C. Dunant A. Guidoum K. Scrivener Micro-Mechanical Modelling of ASR
C. Sannoh K. Torii Suppressing Effect of Various Mineral Admixtures on Combined Deterioration Caused by ASR and Chloride Attack
Y. Kawashima K. Kosa H. Goda N. Koroki Experimental Simulation of Reinforcing Bar Fracture by ASR
K. Eriksen J. Jansson M. Geiker Assessment of Concrete Bridge Decks With Alkali Silica Reactions
E. Schlangen O. Çopuroğlu O. Andiç-Çakır E. Garcia Diaz Modelling ASR Expansions Based on Measurements of Local Properties of Expanding Gel
L.J. Malvar L. Lenke G.D. Cline Use of Fly Ash in DOD Airfield Concrete Pavements
K.J. Huenger C. Hübert D. Heidemann Formation of Kanemite From Precursor as a Model for ASR Gel Hydration
K. Torii S. Wasada T. Sasatani T. Minato A Survey on ASR-Affected Bridge Piers With Fracture of Steel Bars on Noto Expressway
J. Bokern Concrete Tests for ASR Assessment:  Effects of Testing Environment on Preconditions for an ASR and Transferability of Test Results
B. Schouenborg U. Akesson L. Liedberg Precision Trials Can Improve Test Methods for Alkali Aggregate Reaction (AAR) – Part of the Partner-Project
M. Kawamura N. Arano M. Juni Transformation of the U Phase Into Ettringite in Reactive Aggregate-Containing Mortars Immersed in NaCl Solution
S. Multon M. Cyr A. Sellier P. Diederich L. Petit Effects of Aggregate Size and Alkali Content on ASR Expansion
A. Kashima K. Kawamata H. Suzuki T. Miyagawa T. Kojima Application of Cathodic Protection on Reinforced Concrete Deteriorated by Alkali-Silica Reaction
C. Müller I. Borchers Evaluation of Test Methods for the Assessment of the Alkali- Reactivity of Aggregates and Concrete Compositions
I. Borchers C. Müller Field Site Tests Established in the Partner Project for Evaluating the Correlation Between Laboratory Tests and Field Performance
M.H. Shehata M.D.A. Thomas The Role of Alkali Content of Portland Cement on the Expansion of Concrete Containing Reactive Aggregates and Supplementary Cementing Materials
J. Stark C. Giebson Influence of Acetate and Formate Based Deicers on ASR in Airfield Concrete Pavements
P. Demars P. Gilles E. Dondonne G. Lefebvre A. Darimont G. Lorenzi G. Henriet M.A. Marion The Degradation of the Bridge Deck Slabs in Belgium Mainly Involves Alkali-Aggregate Reactions
K. Okuyama K. Ishii Y. Okuda K. Torii Strengthening and Monitoring Techniques for ASR-Affected Footing of Bridge Pier
F. Shrimer A. Briggs B. Hudson Alkali-Aggregate Reaction in Western Canada: Review of Current Trends
E. Grimal A. Sellier S. Multon Y. Le Pape E. Bourdarot Concrete Modelling for Expertise of Structure Affected by Alkali Aggregate Reaction
G. Bar-Nes Y. Peled M. Arbel-Haddad Y. Zeiri A. Katz The Effect of High Salt Concentration on the Integrity of Silica-Fume Blended Cementitious Matrices for Waste Immobilization Applications
D. Bulteel E. Garcia-Diaz P. Dégrugilliers Influence of Lithium Hydroxide on Alkali-Silica Reaction
A.J.C.T. Cavalcanti M.A.C. Juliani G. Tristão J.F.A. Silveira Evaluation of Alkali-Aggregate Reaction Expansion on Pedra Dam by Mathematical Model
E. Rodum J.  Lindgård H. Stemland M. Haugen O. Skjølsvold Early Damages Due to Alkali Aggregate Reactions in a Swimming Pool – Diagnosis and Rate of Expansion
L. Sanchez S.C. Kuperman P. Helene Y. Kihara Trials to Correlate the Accelerated Mortar Bar Test, the Standard and the Accelerated Concrete Prism Tests
S. Larsen J. Lindgård E. Thorenfeldt E. Rodum M. Haugen Experiences From Extensive Condition Survey and Fem- Analyses of Two Norwegian Concrete Dams With ASR
J.G.M. Wood Improving Guidance for Engineering Assessment and Management of Structures With AAR
P.N. Silva A.J.C.T. Cavalcanti S.C. Kuperman P. Helene N.P. Hasparyk AAR at Paulo Afonso Hydroelectric Complex, Part I: Influence on the Mechanical and Elastic Properties of the Concrete
E. Nakamura H. Watanabe H. Koga Shear Resisting Mechanism in RC Beams With Stirrups Fractured Due to ASR Expansion
S. Inoue H. Oshita K. Sawai Y. Hatano Effect of Rupture of Shear Reinforcement on Shear Capacity of ASR Damaged Reinforced Concrete Beams
H.J.M. Román R.E.R. Camacho R.U. Afif G. Martinez D.R. Rodriguez Evaluation of Alkali-Aggregate Reaction in Aggregates From Igneous Rocks
K. Era T. Mihara A. Kaneyoshi T. Miyagawa Controlling Effect of Lithium Nitrite on Alkali-Aggregate Reaction
P. Rivard G. Ballivy C. Gravel F. Saint-Pierre Monitoring of an Hydraulic Structure Affected by ASR: A Case Study
M. Shehata C. Christidis W. Mikhaiel C. Rogers M. Lachemi Reactivity of Reclaimed Concrete Aggregate Produced From Concrete Affected by Alkali Silica Reaction
Y. Kawabata K. Yamada H. Matsushita Alkali-Silica Reactivity and Expansion of Mortar Incorporating Glassy Andesite in Alkaline Solution
C. Lee C.C. Liu W.C. Wang Effect of the Distance Between Electrodes on the Performance of Using Electrochemical Technique to Repair the Concrete Damaged by AAR
F.A.dC Munhoz Y. Kihara M.A. Cincotto Effect of Mineral Admixtures on to the Mitigation of Alkali-Silica Reaction in Concrete
T. Pyle J. Gage V. Jain B. Lenz D. Glauz Efficacy of Alkali-Silica Reactivity Mitigation Measures and Their Effects on the Engineering Properties of Concrete
A.M. López-Buendia V. Climent M.M. Urquiola J. Bastida Influence of Dolomite Stability on Alkali-Carbonate Reaction
P. Gilles P. Demars E. Dondonne G. Lorenzi A. Darimont A New Test to Assess the Concrete Susceptibility to “the Decay” of the Bridge Deck Slabs
A. Shayan A. Aimin Xu Roger Factors Affecting the Expansion and Cracking of Model Bridge Piles in Seawater, and the Effects of Mechanical Confinement
R. Takahashi Y. Sato T. Yamaji Tensile Behaviour of Rc Member Subjected to AAR
P. Hagelia Chemistry of ASR-Gels and Pore Fluids in Ultra- Accelerated Mortar Bars: Evidence for Si-Control on Gel Expansion Properties
H. Layssi M. Shekarchi M. Abbasi M.H. Eftekhar Evaluation of the Alkali-Silica Reactivity of Rocks from Iran, ARAs Region
H. Goda M. Hibino M. Kawamoto M. Kai Bond Strength Between Steel Bar and Concrete Using Accelarated Expansion Test Method of ASR Imitated With Glass
S. Hajighasemali A.A. Ramezanianpour V. Lotfi Flexural Strength and Numerical Simulation of ASR Affected Beams
M. Mizuta T. Kojima K. Kuzume Analytical Evaluation of Effect on ASR of RC Structure Using Meso-Scale Concrete Element by Fem
B.J. Wigum J.  Lindgård AAR: Testing, Mitigation & Recommendations. the Norwegian Approach During Two Decades of Research.
I. Sims P.J. Nixon I. Blanchard P. Bennett-Hughes Assessment of Concrete in Service in the UK – Remembering the Value of Practical Petrography
S.U. Einarsdóttir B.J. Wigum Alkali Aggregate Reaction in Iceland – New Test Methods
Y. Kawabata H. Hamada Y. Sagawa J. Miyake T. Ikeda Fly Ash Characterization Related to Mitigation of Expansion Due to ASR
T. Kuroda S. Inoue A. Yoshino S. Nishibayashi T. Miyagawa Effects of Accelerated Test Conditions on ASR Expansion of Concrete Core
A. Shayan A. Xu H. Morris Comparative Study of the Concrete Prism Test (Cpt 60°C, 100% Rh) and Other Accelerated Tests
M. Berra G. Faggiani T. Mangialardi A.E. Paolini Influence of Stress Restraint on the Expansive Behaviour of Concrete Affected by ASR
J. Ke M. Deng Study of Concrete Expansion Due to ASR Based on BP Neural Networks
J. Chen A.R. Jayapalan K.E. Kurtis J.Y. Kim L.J. Jacobs Ultra-Accelerated Assessment of Alkali-Aggregate Reactivity by Nonlinear Ultrasonic Techniques
M. Böhm S. Baetzner The Effect of the Alkalinity of the Pore Solution on ASR
M.R. Carvalho E.M.R. Fairbairn R.D. Toledo-Filho G.C. Cordeiro Influence of Steel Fibers on the Development of Alkali-Aggregate Reaction
H. Wen Y. Wang Formulae for Estimating AAR Expansion in Concrete Structures Based on Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Measurement
E. Garcia-Diaz D. Bulsteel Y. Monnin P. Degrugilliers F.P. Patrick Pessimum Behaviour of Siliceous Limestone Aggregates
K. Schmidt H. Hilbig R.E. Beddoe D. Heinz Prevention of ASR With Supplementary Cementitious Materials – Long Term Pore Solution Investigations
P.J. Nixon J. Lindgård I. Borchers B.J. Wigum B. Schouenborg The EU “Partner” Project- European Standard Tests to Prevent Alkali Reactions in Aggregates Final Results and Recommendations
J.H. Ideker B.L. East K.J. Folliard M.D.A. Thomas B. Fournier The Current State of the Accelerated Concrete Prism Test
M. Haugen J.  Lindgård E. Akesson B. Schouenborg Experience From Using the Rilem Aar-1 Petrographic Method Among European Petrographers – Part of the Partner Project
Y. Kubo Y. Watanabe T. Ueda T. Kuroda N. Nomura Influence of ASR Expansion on Mechanical Properties of Concrete Deteriorated by ASR
P.N. Silva A.J.C.T. Cavalcanti S.B. dos Santos A.N.dM. Lopes N.P. Hasparyk AAR at Paulo Afonso Hydroelectric Complex, Part II: Creep of Concrete Cores Affected by the Alkali- Aggregate Reaction
B. Godart L. Divet The New French Recommendations to Prevent Disorders Due to Delayed Ettringite Formation
C. Thalmann A. Leemann J.G. Hammerschlag M. Knecht Testing of Aggregates Regarding Alkali-Aggregate-Reactivity – Proposal for Recommendations in Switzerland
A. Shayan A. Xu G. Chirgwin H. Morris Effects of Seawater on AAR Expansion of Concrete
G.M. Ahlstrom J. Mullarky F. Faridazar The United States Federal Highway Administration’s Efforts to Eliminate Alkali-Silica Reaction in Concrete Transportation Structures
O. Andiç-Çakır O. Çopuroğlu K. Ramyar Effect of Aggregate Grading on Concrete Microbar Expansions
O. Andiç-Çakır O. Çopuroğlu F.  Gülen K. Ramyar Effect of Pre-Curing Period on Accelerated Mortar Bar and Concrete Microbar Tests
M. Thomas N. Beaman S. Hayman P. Gilks Evaluating ASR Prevention Strategies for the Reconstruction of Concrete Structures at Mactaquac Generating Station